Psycho-oncology online is an innovative research project in its field, which facilitates the access to psychological treatment and emotional support in cancer survivors using the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The use of ICT improves the effectiveness of such treatment, the quality of life, the emotional well-being and the evolution of the disease in patients.


About 40% of cancer patients suffer from high emotional distress which could be reduced through the access to quality psycho-oncological treatments.


Your experience is important in cancer. Psychological treatment helps patients to build healthy experiences in the disease.


Our research for the recent years has been focused on studying the impact of cancer as an extreme experience which paradoxically and at the same time generates: chaos, pain and suffering on the one hand, and growth, resistance and positive vital changes, on the other.


The project PSYSCHO-ONCOLOGY ONLINE has had, from its beggining, a notable repercussion among different mass media. .


The Psycho-oncologyresearch group is interdisciplinary and it mainly consists of clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, applied linguists, statisticians and computer engineers. We are all interested in the effects of high-quality psychosocial treatments on cancer, as well as in how to facilitate the access to these treatments through the use of ICT.


The Psychooncology Online facilitates patients the access to psychological therapy from anywhere, with no need to move. Thus, patients can follow their psychological therapies from the most comfortable, warm and intimate place, which is their home. This type of therapy is also advantageous in terms of saving time, given that the psychological treatment only occupies the lasting time of the intervention itself.  More than 100 oncological patients have already benefit from this online resource since the start of this project in 2014. Before this remote therapy was available, about 400 patients had been treated during 10 years in the Department of Psycho-Oncology at the Duran i Reynals Hospital (ICO L’Hospitalet) through the presential  group-therapies. Today, these two types of therapies are concurrent in the ICO-Duran i Reynals, studying which is the best option for each patient.


In the Online Psychosocial Support Community for patients with breast cancer, performed by the Catalan Health Department and the ICO (Institut Català d’Oncologia), users can find cancer-related documents, videos, or video-interviews, between others. These are either proposed by the research team or corroborated by this. Therefore, these resources provide reliable and interesting information which may be useful for patients during the disease process. Patients may find the suitable information which gives response to their questions exposed in the forum section of the community. In this section, you can find these self-editing materials, so that you can consult them at any time…

Mey Hofmann Foundation

Psycho-Oncology Online collaborates with Mey Hofmann Foundation to support women who suffer or have suffered breast cancer and their families to accompany them during the oncological process.


Here we attach some source which may interest you, whether you are cancer patients, family members, caregivers, or health professionals.


If cancer knocks on your door and you do not know what to answer … Ask for help!



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 Online Psycho-oncology is an initiative that is part of Oncommun, an European project with the support of the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT Health)


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