We need your contribution to continue multiplying therapies and reaching those who need them!

Collaborate with us to reduce emotional distress in cancer!

If you want to make a contribution, whether you are a company or a physical person, CONTACT US!

You can also help us by organizing some social event whose charitable and promotional cause would be the Online Psycho-oncology project. In our BLOG you can have a look on the initiatives that have been carried out up to date, for the benefit of our project.

IDIBELL is responsible for receiving and managing donations to our project and to many others from the ICO and the Bellvitge Hospital. While we work to establish the virtual payment in our webpage… CONTACT IDIBELL for your contribution!

Elena Redondo

Responsible for Patronage

Business Development and Innovation Area

93 260 77 75

Donation tax incentives

NATURAL PERSON (individual) The first 150€ represent a tax abatement of 75€ donation. That is, from 1€ to 150€, the 75% of the amount you donate will be returned in your ANNUAL INCOME TAX DECLARATION. If you donate more than 150€, the tax benefit will be of 30%. If you perform systematic or recurrent donations, the tax benefit will be for 35%.

LEGAL SUBJECT (company) The benefits result from a deduction in the COMPANY TAX: 35%  in any donated quantity. 40%  if it is a recurrent donation.

what will your contribution be devoted to?

– Provision of technological infrastructure with internet connection that will be provided to those who require psychological treatment and have no resources to access the online treatments.

– Assistance and research staff.

– Hiring specific services for data management, web programmers and multi-videoconference experts in e-health, as it is the basis of synchronous online treatment.

– Specialized consultancies in:

1) Scientific publication of results

2) Statistical analysis of the obtained data

3) Results dissemination in webs, media, scientific journals and scientific congresses. 


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